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Sublimation Ink for Transfer Printing

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For businesses that use ink, image is everything. In the digital world, achieving quality printing from inkjet cartridges requires excellence in ink manufacturing to match the equipment's exact standards. Mitsu Inks Pvt Ltd has been trusted by manufacturers, recyclers and distributors all over India to satisfy their highest requirements. Whatever the need, Mitsu Inks will help you to identify and deliver solutions that can confer significant improvements in product quality and performance. Mitsu Ink lets you avoid the risk and expense of poor production or inferior quality so that you can operate with confidence and satisfaction. For us, creating the best printing image is not just our business, it's our specialty.

Better Ink Research and Science
Our Company emphasizes superior, cutting-edge ink chemistry and production technology to deliver inks that perfectly match OEM printing specifications. The reliability of our research delivers exact compatibility. The precision of our quality control ensures batch consistency and uniformity. Additionally, the efficiency of our manufacturing and engineering process enables us to offer a complete line of stock and custom ink solutions for every business application in the printer market. With experienced chemists and engineers, we maintain one of the most advanced analytical and testing facilities in the industry. From custom formulations to ink-sample and raw-material analysis, our high-tech computerized lab obtains the most exacting quality control for every batch of ink we produce. The outcome is a unique blending of ink formulas, as distinct and precise as your needs. The design of perfect ink solutions helps to ensure that your products consistently deliver sharp and vibrant impressions to satisfy your markets.

Superior Manufacturing Environment
After research and formulation, Mitsu Ink applies cutting edge manufacturing technology to provide precise quality control and peak manufacturing efficiency. Sustaining the gains of superior R & D, our state-of-the-art automated production facility in Bhilad Vapi (Gujarat) is a showcase of environmental safety and cleanliness. It incorporates optimum methods of ink production including filtered dust collection and ventilation units, customized fluid-transfer systems, high- speed mixing and grinding equipment and advanced filtration systems. Our teams of expert technicians carefully harmonize the entire process to guarantee consistent, accurate ink quality, efficient production and timely output. We retain samples of every manufactured batch of ink and carefully document its values for future reference. The end result is consistent ink quality, batch after batch, time after time.

Customized Relationships
Mitsu Ink delivers on its commitment to unequaled service through open exchange and fluid lines of communication with our customers. We develop business partnerships that can help you in many ways.

Mitsu Ink... A Total Solution Provider in Digital Printing for Inkjet printers. We Manufacture Bulk Inks and CISS (Bulk Ink Supply System). Apart from this, we also manufacture all types of inks as required by any Make such as Dye, pigment, Solvent, Eco Solvent, Dye Sublimation, Digital Textile Re-Active, Pigment, Disperse, to suit your needs. The following Industries are covered by our Products:
  • Outdoor Advertising : Solvent Ink for Out Door Flex Printing
  • Desktop Dye Ink : For every day Photo printing with Inkjet Paper and for office use

Textile Industry :
  • Dye Sublimation Ink For Heat Transfer Technology.
  • Disperse Ink print on Polyester Base Fabric
  • Pigment Ink direct print on any fabric. This fabric is not washable.

Effect on Cost
Inkjet printing is a Spray printing technology. Inkjet printing consist of print head which contains innumerous nozzles whose sizes are in microns (nano), so it is the nozzle that sprays during printing in the form of dots (Picolitre) & these dots finally forms An Image. Every Company’s Printer Head & Picolitre drop Size differs. But, this is also true that while printing from any brand of printer & consuming any type of ink you must estimate your paid cost of Rs. per 1 ml. which should not exceed than figures as given, i.e. from 1 Ml of ink you should get 4 Photo print outs of A4 size (8 X 12). This should always take into consideration. By using Mitsu Inks you can save by 90% approximately on your print cost in compare to OEM.

Why Choose Mitsu?
Each and every one of us wants better value for inks. The printer manufacturer’s inks are good but expensive, which ultimately results in the usage of inkjet printers too costly to run on regular basis. At the other end there are many alternative ink products now available produced to the lowest possible price and this means low print quality, poor reliability, and no warranty. Mitsu is a prime Manufacturer of Inkjet inks based in India, and have been at the forefront of the inkjet ink market for many years producing innovative and reliable products for all areas of digital printing. If you are looking for better value from your inks, but you want to have confidence in your choice, then choose Mitsu Inks.

Mitsu-Tex Waterbase Hotnic Dye sublimation Inks uses a unique and different way of printing to the traditional ink jet system giving a fantastic finish that will not peel off in time or fade like inkjet printing

Our WATERBASE DYE SUBLIMATION INKS are for all EPSON four- six- eight colors printers, ROLAND, MIMAKI, MUTOH etc. other piezo inkjet printer and Digital Textile Printer. It is used for digital textile printing on Polyester, Nylon, Polyurethane, etc. and hot transferring on metal, porcelain, plastic, carpentry, etc. materials with coating. T-shirts, porcelain, Mug, Plates, ID Card lace, clothes, glass and textile, decoration, outdoor advertising, gift field, fabric industry, portrait industry, label, Ceramic and card industry.
Features :
  • High stability and free of clogging print head.
  • Perfect color saturation and deoxidization
  • Wide color gamut and good compatibility of colors can represent you perfect performance.
  • High resistance to light, rubbing and washing.
  • Includes no forbidden textile dyestuffs.
  • Heat transfer printing on a wide variety of substrates PVC, Ceramic Industry, Polyester for Polymer coated (loaded) material
  • Excellent start-up and run ability
  • Wide gamut space allowing for Pantone® color simulations
  • Wash resistance gives long term color durability
  • Good UV and fade resistance
  • Consistent color density for long runs
  • Permanently fixed post cure Substrates