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Much of the success of Mitsu DX lies in Mitsu ink's proprietary Micro V ultrfine dispersion technology, originally developed for UV- curing Inkjet System. The tolerance of low viscosity ink is critical : to prevent clogging of the print head on a Digital Press, the particle in the ink has to be especially fine. The unique manufacturing process meticulously refines pigment particles, from an initial size of around 50 microns to below one micron in size. To the fineness of grind and dispersion of pigment in the ink have a profound effect on colour and quality as well as on the print heads themselves. On the one hand large quantities of pigment in the formulation offer full vivid colours. While pigment that is too coarse will make the print heads suspectible to clogging. Proven Lab results have shown our particle size to be LOWEST as compared to all our Competitors.

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